Fashionable Shoes For Women – What Are the Best Ones For You?

Another year, another line in fashionable shoes, so, what’s hot and what’s not in footwear fashion for 2011. Well, we can say that the uppers are going to be a little taller, the heels too, and the colours and styles a lot bolder than ever before.

When it comes to footwear, it is fair to say that women are the luckiest – fortunately, really, as all women tend to love shoes – fashionable footwear is much more exciting for women, because shoe trends move so quickly, there are always new footwear fashions with which to experiment. So what are the latest styles available in shoes for women? Here, we will discuss some the top styles, and the most fashionable up and coming trends in footwear.

Military Boots
Perfect for the winter, spring, and autumn months, military boots are going to be hot news in fashion circles this year, a trend that will probably last a few years – much like the UGG-style boot trend of recent years.

Military boots, as the name suggests, are modelled on the style of footwear worn by members of the Armed Forces, they come in a range of sub-styles, but there general characteristics are a tough leather material, a functional and practical, hardwearing boot. Incredibly fashionable, they will look great if you team them with your skinny jeans; they will add an aura of masculinity to your look, without over doing it.

Funky Wellies
Perfect for all seasons; in summer, great for festival goers; in spring and autumn, great for warding off the rain from our tootsies; and in winter, great for keeping feet warm: the welly is truly a gift from the great. Funky wellies go one-step further; they look great as well as being highly practical. As a style of shoe, they really match a casual style of clothing only; they work best when worn with skinny jeans and a funky t-shirt or jumper, layered with a thigh-length cardigan or casual jacket.

Fur Lined Boots
Fur is a huge trend this season; you will see it on every type of clothing; including fur lined jackets, cardigans, and skirts. However, concerning footwear, faux fur is a big hit; expect to see plenty of boots on sale with some sort of fur embellishment, from the traditional style of recent years – with the fur-trimmed rim – to modern designs, with a fur detailing upon the outer stitching. Depending on the particular style of shoes for women you choose, you will need to match your outfit differently – so no advice here as to what looks best. Expect to see fur trim on many styles of footwear, from flat moccasins, to over-the-knee boots. This brings us nicely on to the next trend:

Over-the-Knee Boot
A huge fashion in women’s footwear this season, the knee-high-boot, is much more subtle than previous incarnations. The trick with this style of shoe is to ensure that no flesh is visible; this means teaming boots with thick tights, leggings, and skinny jeans.

10 Best Christmas Gifts For Women – 2009

The holiday season is here, and I have all of the best recommendations for you this holiday season. Many of the best Christmas gifts for the holiday season are well known, but you might not be able to identify all of them just by doing a quick search of the Internet. Men…the women in your life expect you to get them something nice this Christmas. If you have no idea what to get your mom, wife, or daughter this Christmas, I have compiled a list of the 10 best Christmas gifts for women for 2009. I am going to save the day for you! You do not have to worry about what to get your women for Christmas this year. Here are my top recommendations for you this Christmas!

1. Ugg Australia Women’s Classic Short Boots – These are the hottest boots for women this year. They are ranked #1 by Amazon, and they are taking the Internet by storm.
2. Zhu Zhu Hamsters – While this is mostly a kid’s gift, there are even adult women that want this hot gift this year. This is great for young daughters or women who are young at heart!
3. Amazon Kindle -If your loved one loves to read, this is the best gift you can give anyone this year. This is a digital eBook reader that will read any digital ebook. It comes in many different sizes, and anyone that loves to read will love this gift!
4. Barbie Pink 3 Story Townhouse – This is the top selling Barbie gift this Christmas. This is probably the new Barbie doll your daughter wants this Christmas. I suggest getting this gift as soon as possible because there is a good chance the gift is going to sell out.
5. Columbia Sportswear Women’s Benton Springs Fleece Women always want new clothes for Christmas. Sometimes it can be tough to buy women clothing, but you really can’t go wrong if you buy items that are the top sellers this year. Your woman will love this new fleece under the Christmas tree this year.
6. I Dreamed A Dream by Susan Boyle Women that love music are probably hoping to get this CD for Christmas. If you did not know, Susan Boyle is the famous woman from Britain’s Got Talent that was discovered during the last season of the show.
7. Wii Fit Plus from Nintendo Wii Many women have started playing video games because of the original Wii Fit game. This is the popular sequel from Nintendo Wii that is getting a lot of attention right now. This is the perfect gift is your woman likes working out!
8. Godiva Truffles Chocolate is always one of the safest gifts you can give your loved ones this year. Unless your loved one can’t eat chocolate, this is probably one of my most recommended gifts of the year.
9. Award Winning Farm Roasted 100% Kona Coffee Coffee is always a safe gift for coffee lovers. Unless your woman doesn’t drink coffee, this is a great gift idea for her this year.
10. Sterling Silver Marcasite & Garnet Glass Heart Pendant This is a beautiful gift that many women are hoping to get this year. Your wife will love this beautiful pendant. She will get tons of compliments if you buy this for her for Christmas!

These are all of the 10 best Christmas gifts for women this year. I encourage you to look for more gift ideas on the top Christmas presents of the season!

Ugg Boots For Women

Where Ugg boots for women come to mind, for the most part people tend to think along the lines of leather boots or stilettos with sharp pointed heels! Of late however, this perception seems to be waning as people begin appreciating Ugg boots all the more!

In the event the past 10 years have passed you by and you’ve never heard of Ugg boots, I don’t blame you, it’s not your fault! For years now, Ugg boots for women such as these tall boots, have been a bastion of the well to do of society.

This Australian footwear became popular locally through the creative imagination of an Aussie surfer somewhere in California where he stupefied the surfing community by wearing this apparently very warm looking footwear in the Californian heat!

Upon closer analysis however, it was discovered that Ugg boots, for women and men alike, are actually very cool on your feet – warm in winter and cool in summer, as the proverb goes.

Next to make up, this brand of boot is undeniably the last footwear a woman will ever want!

Designed from pure Australian sheepskin, the Australians have made boot making a fine science.

Today, those in the know can be found walking the malls and other markets in these very comfortable shoes. These Ugg boots for women are highly luxurious and exceedingly comfortable. Incidentally, these quality boots are adorned with accentuated shapes that would fit a lady’s foot like a mitt.

The heels are extravagant and can be suited for walking to the subway as well as anywhere your heart desires. For women, these Australian sheepskin Ugg boots for women will keep you warm under any conditions as they come with a sheepskin pelt with a fold-down cuff.

The majority of women wearing these boots have found that, as the weather got colder, their feet became warmer, causing these ladies to neglect their other footwear!

Who can blame them!

In essence, these Australian sheepskin boots are soothing and made to pamper a lady’s feet.

It’s no wonder then that most women have since determined on giving these tall boots, made especially for them, a try. And it’s a good thing, because it turns out that most women have for some time now been looking for boots that would be comfortable and could endure any weather conditions and would invariably cool their feet.

Previously distrustful about the boots, most eventually realized that Ugg boots for women were stiff competition for big brand names.

These super fashionable tall boots for women are available in a range of tinges and shapes. If you’re for a boot that will not swell your feet up or act as a steamer as you go about your daily tasks, then you may want to put away everything you’ve ever been told about flat boots; your search ends here.

Ugg boots for women come in both leather and suede, with the insole of the boot manufactured from pelt, so that the boots feel soothing to your feet.

With the holiday season almost nigh, the purchase of this boot may just be every man’s passport to not being thrown in the dog house for not having been inventive enough in finding that present which will keep her content for another season, frankly!

Sweater UGG Boots – Styles of Knit and Crochet Boots For Women

If you are looking for something to keep feet warm and comfy in the winter – or if you are just looking to add some serious style to a wardrobe, Sweater UGG Boots might be exactly what you are looking for!  There are a number of different styles this year – here they are:

UGG Classic Cardy Boots – This is very likely one of the hottest selling boots in the winter months – period.  It is not only elegant and classic with a cardigan sweater style, it is luxuriously comfortable.  Add to those “pluses” the fact that the boot is so extremely versatile with its ability to be worn up the leg, slouched down or folded over – each a lovely look in itself.

Argyle UGG Boots – Here is an elegant addition to the collection this year.  It has a wool blend knit upper with an argyle pattern that is truly classic.  This boot is available in a number of different warm and wintery colors and is also versatile, being worn straight up or slouched down for a more casual style.

Cable Knit Striped UGG Boots – Here again is a new addition to the UGG Australia collection for women this year.  It has a look that is unique to any other style available with a cable knit wool blend upper, and some snazzy horizontal dark stripes (against a white background) that will set off any woman’s casual outfit! 

If you are shopping for anything among the Sweater UGG boot styles this year, any of the above boots should not only meet your needs – but exceed them!  They are delightful to wear for their looks – and their amazing comfort as well.