Classic UGG Crochet Boots For Women and Kids

This is the best year yet for the Classic UGG Crochet lineup – there are truly some gorgeous boots to choose from for both women and kids! The names of the boots you may be familiar to you, while the color combinations might be a new (and pleasant) change.

Most popular Classic Crochet Boot:

Just as was incredibly popular last year, the UGG Cardy boot is looking again to be one of the most popular boots not only among the UGG collection, but one of the hottest selling boots for ladies and girls in the world. This year, the colors for the UGG Cardy have expanded to include both the classics (black, grey, dark brown and cream), while you will also find a new mix of both bright and warm earthy shades.

Here are the new colors for women:

  • Sorbet (pink)
  • Pool (aqua)
  • Jacaranda (lavender)
  • Moss (dark greenish brown)
  • Fig (rich, dark purple)
  • Picante (dark red)

New colors for kids (girls):

  • Sorbet (pink)
  • Arctic Ice (lavender)
  • Spearmint (light green)
  • Pink Multi
  • Blue Multi

As a note, if you’re on the lookout for the Classic Crochet or Classic Tall Crochet for either women or girls, you might at this point have given up looking – they are not easily found these days due to the fact that they are no longer being produced. However, there are some “stones to turn over” where they are actually available from trusted merchants, even at markdown prices. (Sometimes the “old” classics are the best, even with such lovely new looks in the Classic UGG Crochet collection!)